Press Release:
Interregional workshop
Doha, Qatar

In the link, to the right, find the press release for the interregional workshop on the topic of “Threat Assessment and Risk Management” which took place from 14-15 November 2023 in Doha, Qatar. 

Press Release:
ACI World-ECAC Cooperation Arrangement
Barcelona, Spain

In the link to the right, find the Press Release for the signing of a Cooperation Arrangement by ECAC and ACI World for the delivery of APEX Airport Security Reviews to CASE II Partner States, which took place on 27 June 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

Press Release:
Regional Workshop
Abu Dhabi, UAE

In the link, find the Press Release for the regional workshop on the topic of “Evaluation and Certification of Aviation Security Equipment”, which took place from 12 to 13 May 2023 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Press Release:
Interregional Workshop
Lomé, Togo

In the link, find the Press Release for the Interregional workshop on the topic of “Security and Facilitation- Border Security”, which took place from 10 to 11 May 2023 in Lomé, Togo.

Call for Secondments: February 2023

In the letter contained in the link, find the invitation of the Executive Secretary of ECAC to Aviation Security experts from Partner States to join the CASE II Team as a secondee in 2023!

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