Catalogue of activities


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Training / E-Learning

  • E-Learning courses
  • E-Learning webinars
  • Online seminar on key aviation security issues

Regional workshops

  • Regional workshop on emerging threats
  • Inter-regional workshop on emerging threats / risk management

National activities

Training and mentoring

  • Best practices for national auditors – Level 1
  • Best practices for national auditors – Level 2
  • Best practices for national auditors – Cargo
  • Familiarisation with airport operations for security managers/auditors
  • Best practices in risk assessment
  • Training of landside security assessors
  • Mentoring on security culture
  • Mentoring on insider threats
  • Best practices in identifying and mitigating emerging threats (including cyber)
  • Mentoring on explosive detection techniques
  • Mentoring on Counter-MANPADS (2 levels)
  • Best practices in covert testing
  • Best practices in overt testing

Quality assurance

  • Coaching in quality control (QC) 
  • Best practices in security equipment inspection
  • Support for corrective action following ICAO audit 
  • Partner State participation in ECAC audit activity
  • Secondments to Partner States
  • Embedding an expert auditor
  • Mentoring on security screening equipment

Security surveys

  • Pre-opening airport survey
  • Survey of airport security post implementation
  • Peer review of airport security (APEX/ACI)
  • Joint assessment of vulnerabilities in landside security
  • Vulnerability assessment associated with insider threats


Updates on activities are published in the News section as well as in our biannual newsletter.

Partner States located in Africa, Asia and the Middle East are eligible to benefit from the CASE II Project.